Q3 2021 Competitive Landscape Report – Including a One Year Subscription

by | Oct 7, 2021

Report Overview

Welcome to the third edition of the Cambrian-AI Research Competitive Landscape report. We hope you find this service to be of value and look forward to your feedback so we can continue to improve the report. The 3rd edition contains significant enhancements, a lower price, as well as the usual newest chip and benchmark announcements.

The AI acceleration landscape is quite diverse and includes chips designed for training and inference, deployed in data centers, smart edge devices, autonomous vehicles, and mobile phones. This report will concentrate on cloud and edge computing. Analysis of the mobile space is beyond our current capacity.

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What’s New
Public Silicon and Service Providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS Cloud AI Strategy
Google Cloud
Sapphire Rapids
Ponte Vecchio Xe HPC GPU
MLPerf Training V1.0
Enterprise AI
NVIDIA Background
The NVIDIA Ecosystem
The Qualcomm Cloud AI100 in the Data Center
Conclusions: Qualcomm

The Startups

Cerebras Systems
Buckle up for Brain-scale AI
The Weight Streaming Execution Model
Do We Really Need Such Massive AI’s? Do We Want Them?
Conclusions: Cerebras Systems
Q2 Cerebras Updates
Enflame Technology (燧原)
Flex Logix
Deep Vision
Performance and Efficiency
Conclusions: Esperanto
New MLPerf Results look good, not great
The second generation MK2
The Groq Tensor Streaming Processor
The Groq Single Core node
What is Analog Computing?
Conclusions: Mythic
SambaNova Systems
The SamboNova Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture
“It will take more than Brute Strength to win”

Qualitative Comparisons of AI Vendors
Performance and Power Comparisons: Training
Considerations and Conclusions
Background: A Brief Introduction to AI Processing

What is AI, and Why Is It Attracting So Much Capital?
AI Silicon Market Size
Training and Inference: Building and Using AI Models
The Primary Buyers

Competitive Comparison Pitfalls
Important Information About This Research

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