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Creating and using massive AI networks is quickly becoming unaffordable: Open.AI’s GPT-3 cost over $12M to train using thousands of GPU’s for weeks. But IBM believes they can address this impasse with deep research. The IBM Research AI Hardware Center was founded with...

Qualcomm Technologies AI Software

AI Developer Tools for Qualcomm Mobile and Data Center Chips Qualcomm has been developing AI hardware and software for nearly a decade and has recently expanded from the company’s mobile chip space Snapdragon processors to enter the data center market with the Cloud...

Qualcomm AI Strategy Springs From Mobile [Download the Brief]

Qualcomm Technologies Envisions the Emergence of a Powerful Innovation Spiral Most consumers have no idea that every photo they take with their smartphone uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve photo quality, or that every time they speak to their phone, an AI...

AI Market Dynamics

Karl Freund presents his market perspective to the International Semiconductor Executive Summit 06.24.21.