Artificial Intelligence: The Next Era of Compute

The Latest News in AI

We follow all the moves made by the leaders and challengers in AI semis and services. Here are recent announcements that caught our eye:

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Cambrian AI Visions: Meet the Leaders

Karl Freund with Cambrian AI sits down with key newsmakers and influencers in the world of AI.
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Cambrian AI Research is an industry analyst firm dedicated to understanding and explaining AI hardware and cloud services. We deliver a range of advisory and marketing services to investors and to providers of AI tech.

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  • Improve your understanding of the rapidly evolving AI chip landscape
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We enjoy working with two types of clients: companies that deliver AI technology, and those that invest in them. We are honored by the companies that have selected us to help them refine and communicate their unique advantages in AI, and to hone their investment strategies.

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Karl’s deep technical knowledge and unrivalled breadth of contacts in the AI technology market is second to none. I trust him for sound, impartial feedback, help generating valuable content and clear market insight.

Sally Doherty

VP Marketing, Graphcore

explore the explosion

What’s with the “Cambrian-AI” theme?

A few years ago, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang used the term “Cambrian Explosion” to refer to the rapid growth in AI models. I think the term is appropriate to both AI software models and the specialized hardware that accelerates AI. I began publishing an annual blog in January 2019, summarizing the year’s innovations and forecasting what we expect for the coming year. But I am getting ahead of the story…