neXt Curve: Setting The Stage For AI in 2024 (with Karl Freund)

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Video

Welcome to the neXt Curve reThink series that focuses on the state and future of the semiconductor industry – Silicon Futures.

In this installment of the Silicon Futures series, Leonard Lee of neXt Curve and Karl Freund of Cambrian-AI Research talk about the fast-morphing competitive landscape of data center AI (generative AI to be specific) currently dominated by NVIDIA, and the course of evolution of generative AI in 2024.

This discussion is a great baseline for thinking about the semiconductor industry and the prospects of the generative AI opportunity which could be the Cambrian explosion that Karl asserts.

The duo talk and debate about:

  • A vibrant competitive landscape for generative AI in 2024 
  • What do we mean by “AI”? 
  • Data center generative AI HPC is not just about the GPU or the NPU
  • The fragmentation of the generative AI tech landscape
  • NVIDIA goes beyond the AI servers to the rack and racks
  • Will OEMs prefer and profit from plug-n-play or proprietary AI?
  • The fine line of competing with your customers in the Gen AI game 
  • The unknown economics of valuable generative AI
  • The evolution of generative AI in 2024
  • Beyond ChatGPT and Bard, what do people want from Gen AI?
  • Gen AI: can it satisfy the requirements of business critical tasks and processes? 
  • The low hanging fruits of generative AI value
  • The big profit driver for generative AI
  • Siri sucks!! But Apple is a pioneer of on-device generative AI
  • Will people pay more for generative AI?
  • When will we have enterprise grade generative AI?

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