Silicon Futures: The state of AI Computing 2023 with with Cambrian AI’s Karl Freund

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Video

In this installment of the Silicon Futures series, Leonard Lee of neXt Curve and Karl Freund of Cambrian-AI Research provide discuss the big moments and the state of AI computing that has hyper-charged the semiconductor industry and made an “AI giant” of Nvidia.

On the wing are Intel, AMD, Qualcomm,, and newcomers such as Cerebras that are vying to make a dent in Nvidia’s leadership. Then there is generative AI, the catalyst that Karl thinks is the great profit opportunity of our time, and Leonard think is the next big hype a la’ crypto and The Metaverse.

The duo talk and debate about:

  • Introducing Karl Freund, Founder & Principal Analyst of Cambrian-AI Research (00:38)
  • What is AI computing and the state of AI? (04:50)
  • ChatGPT, the Cambrian AI explosion (06:47)
  • Nvidia, the AI computing leader in the data center (07:31)
  • A new evolutionary phase for chatbots (10:16)
  • The Gen AI movement is in a state of POC (11:32)
  • Private-ish generative AI implementations will drive value (12:43)
  • The case for hybrid AI (13:28)
  • AI computing spotlights from 2023 H2 (15:26)
  • AMD versus Nvidia catfight – MI300x versus H100 (17:07)
  • Open AI versus proprietary AI (18:22)
  • The future of hybrid/blended AI stacks (21:35)
  • The strategic importance of interconnect in AI systems (24:50)

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