Qualcomm: Ubiquitous AI For 5G

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Research Paper

Smartphones today are the pervasive interface for some three billion people to communicate, take photos and videos, and access personal data and applications—all of which are increasingly dependent on AI and Deep Learning. Consequently, mobile processors must accelerate a wide range of AI features in applications, including image processing, voice recognition, translation and gaming. It is critical that the mobile semiconductors are fast but also must be extremely power-efficient to help conserve battery life.

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Table Of Contents

  • Introduction: The Road To Distributed Intelligence
  • Background
  • QTI AI Technology Overview
  • QTI’s AI Market Strategy
  • Conclusions
  • Figure 1: The Importance Of On-Device Computing
  • Figure 2: QTI SoCs With AI Support
  • Figure 3: The Snapdragon 855
  • Figure 4: Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence Platform
  • Figure 5: Qualcomm’s Software Stack For AI
  • Figure 6: Smart Phone Use Cases For AI

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