Two Can’t-Miss Events For AI Hardware

by | Oct 3, 2019 | AI and Machine Learning, In the News

There are two conferences coming up that AI developers, executives, and investors should consider attending to get the latest from the industry’s leaders and challengers. I will attend both and I hope to see many of my readers there! Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store.

US AI HW Summit

The first event is the second annual US AI HW Summit, which takes place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, September 17-18. Last year’s inaugural event sold out, and I expect to see the venue at full capacity this year since the agenda looks pretty exciting. This year, the keynote speaker is none other than Google  Chairman John Hennessy, famous from his long career in academia (former Stanford University President and chair of their CS department), and for his work on the MIPS processor. There will be many speakers from startups like CerebrasHabana LabsGraphCore, Groq, Mythic, SambaNova and others, as well as senior executives from the big guys, including NVIDIAIntelIBM , Qualcomm and Xilinx (follow the links to see the most recent articles I’ve written on these companies). Yours truly will also provide an industry-overview, spotlighting key players and a few of the architectural avenues companies are exploring to improve performance and reduce power in AI training and inference. If you are an investor in AI (private or public), an AI silicon provider, an AI practitioner, or working for a Cloud Service Provider, you won’t want to miss this event. Organizer Kisaco Research says there are only about 100 seats left, so don’t delay if you think this event fits your interests.

Figure 1: One highlight of the 2018 AI HW Summit was a panel of speakers from well-known Venture Capital firms, discussing what they look for when seeking to invest in AI Startups.  image: KISACO RESEARCH

US Xilinx Developer’s Forum

The second event is the US Xilinx  Developer’s Forum, which will take place on October 1-2 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA. Over the last few years, XDF has grown from a small event for FPGA programmers to a pretty significant platform for Xilinx, its partners, and developers to hear from each other and learn the latest hardware and software roadmaps from Xilinx. Last year, Xilinx launched its highly anticipated Versal ACAP platform at XDF, which the company hopes will become a fairly universal acceleration platform, as well as its own finished PCIe boards, called Alveo, to speed adoption of servers with FPGAs.Today In: Innovation

Figure 2: At last year’s XDF Americas, CEO Victor Peng announced the company’s own PCIe acceleration cards, called Alveo.  image: XILINX

This year Xilinx will unveil its new unified software development environment and make a number of top-tier customer announcements that span data center, 5G, and automotive. There will be numerous deep-dive breakout sessions that feature distinguished speakers from UCLA and MIT, among others, and over 20 hours of hands-on developer labs. Sometimes XDF can get pretty deep, but this technical conference also provides investors and customers a chance to hear from the company’s senior leadership and technologists.

Hope to see you there!