Qualcomm Technologies AI Software

Sep 13, 2021

AI Developer Tools for Qualcomm Mobile and Data Center Chips

Qualcomm has been developing AI hardware and software for nearly a decade and has recently expanded from the company’s mobile chip space Snapdragon processors to enter the data center market with the Cloud AI100 platform. Starting from a collection of tools specific to various logic blocks such as CPU, GPU, and Hexagon processor, the company’s AI software has now matured into an integrated stack for a fused AI hardware platform. This brief explores the latest enhancements of this AI software stack designed for the most widely deployed AI platform in the industry.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Efficiency for Developers of Edge and Datacenter AI
  • Enabling a Full System Approach to Performance and Efficiency
  • Conclusions
  • Figure 1: Qualcomm AI Software Stack
  • Figure 2: AIMET makes AI models small